What we do

We empower orphaned and vulnerable youth to become self reliant and successful members of the community in and around the Rwenzori Area with a primary focus on proving education. Our Charity Progromme helps Children attend  school .We use little profit funds got from tourism Activities to support the students fees, lunch fees, uniform and scholastic materials as well as basic Health Care.

Why we do what we do

Uganda has one of the youngest populations on the African continent (UNICEF, 2015), Children comprise up to 56 % of Uganda’s population, yet they continue to be seen as secondary. By 2014 Uganda had a population of 40 million people including about 19 million children (UNICEF Uganda statistics 2019)

The living conditions for this important group of  the Ugandan society is anything you would call un desirable .children continue to live in conditions characterized by inadequate access to education and health services, bitting poverty in homes, Exploitation and violence.

The Given living conditions for children undermine the four cardinal rights of a child to survival,Development,protection and participation.

life in kazingo village rwenzori mountains

The life in the Rwenzoris is very hard. To get water for washing and drinking the people have to walk over long distances. Getting power is only possible via solar panels which itself are costing relatively much if you compare it to the little income most of the families have there. But this means also that it is very difficult for parents to send their children to school, since the school fees   for many families is not affordable.

To address those problems many community projects were started in the Rwenzori Region – the karangura trekking services is one of them.

How are students identified?

Karangura Trekking services works with Local Administration, Health Centers, schools and community Representatives to identify potential candidates. In general the candidate must be in p.4- S.4( equivalent of 3rd – 8th Grade by us standards)

Once in programme, we monitor marks and individual development in order to most effectively assist them.

How do I get involved?

We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities available ranging from one time gifts to long-term sponsorship. With your generous support we will be able to expand the programme and provide Children with opportunity to learn

Sponsor a child for a year;
$30 / month ($ 360 annual sponsor ship)
Give a onetime gift to cover tuition, uniforms, books and other supplies needed to support students

I want to donate
Your ways to donate towards us

We want to make sure your support is as individual, sustainable, and transparent as our work. we can offer a simple tailored solution to make sure your donation is well spent and tax deductible. please do not hesitate to contact us with any question regarding your donation.

You can donate with electronic bank Draft ( e check) or electronic bank transfer

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