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Karangura trekking services offers a variety of trekking and climbing options ranging  from one day to 3 days to suite your adventure and programme.

Trek with the Bakonzo through their ancestral land or explore the unique flora and fauna of the Rwenzori Mountains.

What to expect while trekking with us

Before you embark on your trekking/ hiking adventure, you meet our trekking manager at our office for extensive briefing, route safety procedures and healthy issues will be discussed in details and you have enough time to ask questions.

Your trekking / Hiking gear will be inspected to ensure that you have everything you need to be safe and comfortable.

During your hike, you carry your back packer with essentials such as water and food for days hike.
porters can be hired to carry additional luggage they are tough climbers and true heroes of the mountain.

Our permanent guides will lead the way, they are responsible for your safety and will encourage you and lend you a helpful hand but also call the trek off due to the bad weather, altitude sickness etc.

Trekking routes

At Karangura trekking services, we only organize treks in the northern section of the Rwenzori Mountains. It provides impressive experience of almost unbelievable landscape with scenic views. We also aim at catering for the people who have short time and want to see the Rwenzoris.

While the Rwenzori mountains are often combined with other destinations in uganda’s south west, many people choose to visit Uganda just to trek in the Rwenzoris.

If your eyes are on the Rwenzoris and you’re not looking to include them as part of the wider itinerary, then you’ve got plenty of choice. The trek you choose will depend on your time constraints, fitness and interests. Get in touch with our team and we’ll help you find the itinerary that’s right for you.

When to visit

It is possible to trek in the Rwenzoris all year round. At all times of the year you should be prepared for a combination of sun, rain, mud and fog. June to early September, then December to end of February tend to have lower rainfall.

Short trek to add to your itinerary

The Rwenzori Mountains work perfectly well with safari circuit in Uganda. Our Rwenzori treks are 110 km from Queen Elizabeth national park and 50 km from Kibale national park and the gate way city of Fort portal is easily accessed from Entebbe, Kampala or if you are coming down from Murchison falls national park.

If you are looking for a 2-5 days trek to add into your safari itinerary, there are plenty of options for you. Below are a few itineraries that work well, but everything can be adjusted to suite your interests, fitness and wider travel plan

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